Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Georgia-Cumberland Academy Church Calhoun, Georgia


Discipleship Plan

Vision Statement: (Why?)

The GCA Church family exists to capture the hearts and minds of all young people and to develop them into fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship Plan: (What?)

            Know - Grow - Go

  • Know – Capture the Hearts and minds through inspiring worships, small groups, and by encouraging personal devotional life
  • Grow – Develop skills in church-based ministries and leadership through training, experience, small groups, and mentorships
  • Go – Sending fully devoted disciples to share the everlasting gospel through community service and personal, public, and global outreach


Strategic Action Plan: (How/Who/When?)
   Basic 7 – Goals to accomplish by the time a student finishes high school:

  1. Engage in Daily Bible Study/Prayer for 6 months
  2. Participate in a Small Group
  3. Experience 3 ministries
  4. Participate 3 Church Leadership Internships
  5. Win someone to Jesus and Adventist Movement
  6. Help Start Adventist work in new area/Be involved in public sharing of Three Angels Message
  7. Go on a Mission Trip