Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Georgia-Cumberland Academy Church Calhoun, Georgia


General Policies of the GCA Church

General Policies of the GCA Church


The Georgia-Cumberland Academy SDA Church gratefully recognizes that the Lord has provided the David C. Cress Memorial Youth Worship Center for our use.  As stewards of God’s house, we believe that we should issue the same call as Jesus, “Whosoever will may come.”  We also believe that as stewards of God’s house that we have a responsibility to keep it in the best condition possible.  Therefore, the following guidelines and policies are put forth to help us towards that goal, not only for ourselves, but for any who may wish to rent this facility.


The leader of any in-house church group, as well as the contract signer on any church rental, is responsible for communication and enforcement of the following guidelines:


No food or beverages are allowed in the Sanctuary.


No open flames or burning of any substance without permission of church office.


When leaving after church business hours, all lights must be turned off, heat or air conditioning adjusted to the recommended settings, and doors locked.


The PA system and other audio-visual equipment are to be operated only by a trained GCA church sound technician.


Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  This includes bottles of champagne, beer, wine coolers and other alcoholic beverages. Please inform your guest of this rule so that there will not be any embarrassment for you or us.



The GCA Church is a smoke-free facility, therefore smoking is not permitted in or around the building. 



Animals are not permitted on the grounds or in the building at any time, except for Trained Guide dogs.


Parking and Grounds: 

Parking of cars and other vehicles is limited to designated parking areas only. Cars may not be left at the church overnight.  The parking and ground surrounding the buildings must be treated with respect allowing no activities which could permanently mar the area.



The standard of cleanliness is to be returned to the condition you found it in or better. All tables and chairs must be restored to their proper places after the event. All garbage must be emptied into the outside containers and replacement bags inserted into the inside trash cans.


Additional Rules and Guidelines for Renters

All aspects of the agreement, including damage costs, are the responsibility of the contract signer. The church rents to personally-responsible individuals, not to vaguely-defined organizations and groups. The contract signer is responsible for enforcing the rules above as well as taking care of the following:


Please inform your group that rooms not reserved and paid for are off limits.


Group Liabilities:

Each user group and renter is responsible for the behavior of their own guests and participants.  The church’s insurance does not cover outside use of the facilities, therefore, the GCA Church does not assume responsibility for accidents/injuries that occur while on church property during a rental event. Renters agree to indemnify and hold harmless the GCA Church from any and all claims which may arise from accidents or injuries to participants or persons connected with the use of the facility.



Damage to walls, floors, equipment, or furnishings during the time designated above will be deducted from deposit or billed to the contract signer. The renter is responsible for damages that exceed the deposit amount.  Any damages to buildings, equipment or property must be reported immediately to the church office. Under no circumstances is any individual or party to attempt to repair or clean any damage suffered to the facility without first checking with the church office or the assigned building supervisor. All damages will be billed within six (6) days, and payment is expected within thirty (30) days.  The security deposit received with the application shall be returned in the event the church is “returned” clean and damage free once the building supervisor or office manager has had a chance to carefully inspect the areas used. Usually within 3-5 business days after your event.



In the event of emergencies, phone numbers are posted in the kitchen by the phone. There are also fire extinguishers mounted throughout the building.



Usage of Fellowship Hall

 There is $200 usage fee/ Damage and Key deposit $250

            Quick checklist for fellowship hall use:


1.      Please do not place any food or drink, candles or floral arrangements on the piano (except for silk flowers—then must put a cloth under)

2.      No candles in windows due to fire risk with wooden blinds.

3.      Use hot pads on all counter tops and serving tables.

4.      No red drink or dark juices may be served anywhere in the church.

5.      Wipe table tops and check chairs for cleanliness.

6.      Vacuum carpet and clean any spills with Resolve.

7.      Clean counter tops & sink.

8.      Clean stove tops utilizing provided cleaning agents found under the sink. (also see posted Cooktop cleaning instructions)

9.      Use a soft cloth and special stainless steel cleaning agents found in the basket under the sink, as well as gentle care when wiping any spills on the fronts of the stainless steel appliances as any dirt or grime could cause permanent scratches and lines. 

10.  Wash dishes & put away.

11.  Put soiled dish rags and towels in hamper under sink.

12.  Put all equipment back on/in the appropriate shelves and cupboards.

13.  Place the scoop for the ice machine back in the plastic container on top of the ice machine.

14.  Remove all of your food from the refrigerator and freezer or it will be disposed of and (if a renter) will be charged against your building deposit.

15.  Sweep & mop kitchen floor.  Brooms and mops in custodial closet in fellowship hall to the left of the fireplace.

16.  Put trash in outdoor receptacles. All trash cans emptied & trash bags replaced with ones from under the sink. Wipe outside of trash cans clean.

17.  Room returned to basic configuration.

18.  Return room thermostats down to 66 degrees during the heating seasons and up to 76 degrees during A/C seasons.

19.  Reset all blinds to lowered and louvered open.

20.  Shut off all lights, lock doors.

21.  Please inform your group that rooms not reserved and paid for are off limits.


Thanks for leaving kitchen and fellowship hall as good as, or better than, you found them.





Fees for Fellowship Hall  usage (non wedding related)


Non-member rental events-

Christmas or other parties,  Family Reunions, etc.  Damage deposit of $100, rental fee $100.


Member Events

Academy Organization/Class Fundraiser Events- Cleaning/damage deposit $100.  Damages that exceed $100 will be billed to the class or organization and should be paid within 30 days.


Non-Church Socials/Parties/Reunions- no charge, but with donation to the carpet replacement fund recommended. 


The fellowship hall may not be utilized for personal profit or sales events.