Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Georgia-Cumberland Academy Church Calhoun, Georgia


Restoring your password

Dear GCA Church Website member:

Last week, someone maliciously hacked into the NetAdventist servers that host our website.  As a result, much damage was done to all of the church websites hosted there.  Ours was temporarily replaced with a "Welcome to Istanbul" travel site.  NetAdventist responded quickly and was able to get us back up and running within 24 hours, but some of our links still are not totally correct.  We are working with them to get all of the links restored.  In order to keep the sites from being compromised further, they have shut off all passwords, thus requiring you to go through a few more steps in order to recover your password which will allow you to once again login to the site.

Let me encourage you to go through the following steps right now to reset your password. 

Ready? Here we go. (You might want to print this out if you can't remember all the steps)

Steps to Recovering Your Password:

1. Click the Login button on your site.
2. Click the "Forgotten Your Password?" link near the bottom of that form.
3. Type in your email address and hit [Send Password].

The system will then email your password to your email address that this notice is being sent to. (If it doesn't have your email address as one of the registered users, you will get "Sorry, no corresponding user was found".  This means that, either you used a different email address when you originally registered, or you don't have an account on the system. You can go back and check another email, or you can simply create a new account with your new email address, but be sure to send us a note asking us to delete the old one)

The password it sends you will be a random grouping of letters and numbers.  Once you have received that email in your inbox.  Open it, highlight and copy it, then go back over to the church website.  Click Login.  Paste your password in the password space and hit the login button.

Once that logs you in, go just below the login to the User Menu. 
Click on Edit/Update User Details
On the screen that pops up, go to password, and enter in whatever password you would like to have.  It can be the one you previously used, or make up a new one. I would suggest a new one.  Enter it, then enter it again in the verify password spot. 

Make any other changes you would like to make, go to the bottom left and click Update.  You will receive a message that says "Your settings have been saved."  That's're good to go.  The next time you log in, use your personalized password.

Hope that helps get you up and running on our website again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, call me at the office or click on the email in the contact us button.

Pastor Don