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Wedding Policies and Fees

Wedding Policies


A Christian wedding is a service of worship, proclaiming Christian marriage as a sacred covenant.  The partners give themselves to each other by solemn vows in the presence of God, supported by the presence and prayers of their loved ones.  Whether the service is traditional or newly created, it expresses both the seriousness of the couple’s commitment and the joy of their love for each other.  The church has long believed that the love between marriage partners reflects God’s love for humankind and Christ’s self-giving love for the church.  God created us with a longing for a relationship and blesses our efforts to live in lifelong covenant.  In turn, human love can help us receive God’s love more deeply.


The Georgia-Cumberland Academy SDA Church is happy to be part of your marriage celebration.  We also encourage you to participate in our congregation if you don’t have a church home. But if not here, we encourage you to find a church of your choice.   A deep and lasting marriage needs prayer, not only at the beginning, but also throughout its life.  The church can help you grow spiritually as individuals and as a couple, providing a community of friendship, grace and support.  You are welcome here.


How to reserve the church for your wedding.

Application and permission for use of the facility must go through the church office in cooperation with the pastor and the church board.  Contact the office manager at (706) 625-8582 to discuss the date you have in mind.


Once you have contacted the church office, you will be given the application forms or you may download them from this website.  Get these filled out and turned back in. This will tentatively hold your date until the church board can review and vote on it.   Upon approval, you will need to make a deposit of $250 to confirm your reservation.   Reservations will not be confirmed until this fee is received.  All other fees will be due at least one month in advance, or immediately, if you have less than a month.


You should make application as early as possible to ensure getting the date you would like, keeping in mind that if it is less than 8 weeks prior, you may not be able to reserve the date you have in mind.


After you have approval and confirmation, an appointment must be made with the church wedding consultant, the bride (groom welcome, but not necessary) and her wedding coordinator to go over wedding policies and procedures.


Who may perform weddings in the church?

Any ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister, or as approved by the church board or senior pastor.  Keep in mind that a non-ordained SDA minister must have his conference approval, as well as the GCC conference approval in order to act as the sole officiant at the ceremony.  A non-ordained minister may deliver the homily, but may not, without special conference permission, legally officiate the exchange of vows nor pronounce you as husband and wife.


Guidelines for Rehearsals, Wedding and Receptions

Rehearsals should be no more than two hours in length and may not be conducted during the Sabbath hours.  All of your decisions about who is standing where and how you want things, should be worked out with your coordinator and the minister prior to the rehearsal so that there are no conflicting signals sent that would require extra time to clarify.  Also by having the rehearsal planned, you cut down on extraneous suggestions and potentially hurtful discussions.


During the rehearsal, please be mindful that you are in God’s house, therefore proper conduct and reverence is both appropriate and expected.  While this is a celebratory time, undue jocularity should be avoided.


Please inform all persons involved in the wedding that smoking, illegal use of drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages or dancing are not permitted on the premises.  Please also inform all members of the wedding party of all of the church guidelines so that we may avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.


No red drink or dark juices may be served anywhere in the church.


Throwing of rice, confetti, and use of glitter etc. is not allowed in the church or on the property surrounding the church.  Due to fire safety standards and safety issues, sparklers must not be used in or around the church building.  Bird seed or bubbles may be used outside only.  Please use silk rose petals only if rose petals are desired.


The church does not provide any wedding equipment.  All rented equipment and any materials brought in by the wedding party must be removed from the premises within  24 hours after your wedding.


Decorating must be restricted to non-Sabbath hours and times should be arranged with the church office at the time you confirm your date.


Church  keys may be picked up at the church office up to 1 week prior to the wedding.


Proper Use and Care of the Church Building and Property

Any moving of the pulpit, platform carpet pieces, or any other church furniture must be done under the direction of the wedding consultant.  Any items moved must be returned to their original location.  Moving of the church organ should be requested in advance and must be done by qualified church personnel.


Please do not use any tacks, nails or staples.  Use masking tape sparingly.


Special protective care must be exercised by those providing flowers and plants to ensure that the rugs and furnishings are protected from water or other possible damage.  No flowers or other decorations should be placed on the piano or organ.  Bows, ribbons, etc to be used on pew ends must be hung with rubber or plastic coated wire.


“Dripless” candles must be used.  Metal candle containers with candle inserts are available at wedding equipment rental companies.  Pew candles must be designed to keep from scratching pews, and candles must be encased in a glass globe to prevent any mishaps with wedding guests coming into contact with the flame.  No candles may be placed on window sills.


The church facility should be left in its original condition.  The Contract signer is  liable for cleaning, repair and/or replacement of any damage to furnishings or facilities.  (Please See General Policies of the GCA Church)


Dressing Rooms

Various rooms are available for the wedding party to use.  Please check with the church office or the wedding consultant for the location of these rooms.


Wedding Attire

Wedding attire should be modest and appropriate for a Christian ceremony.


Audio/Visual Technician

Only the designated audio technician will operate the PA systems.  The technician will be available during the 2 hour rehearsal and the wedding as a part of your package fee.  If a technician is needed during the reception, the fee is $15 per hour.  A technician must be utilized for the reception if more than background music is to be played, ie DVD, Powerpoint or video of the couple, microphone usage, etc.



All music used in the wedding ceremony should be sacred and suitable for the sanctuary.  Secular music should be reserved for the reception in the fellowship hall.



Contact information

Church office manager:              Heather Leeper    706 625-8582

Head Audio Technician             Randy Coble: 770 773-6337



Wedding Fees

Full package, including Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Audio Technician, extra custodial etc. - $550

If Fellowship Hall is not used- $350


Damage and Key deposit-  $250

All damages will be billed within 6 days and should be paid within 30 days.


Usage of Fellowship Hall for Reception


            Quick checklist for fellowship hall use:


1.      Please do not place any food or drink, candles or floral arrangements on the piano (except for silk flowers—then must put a cloth under)

2.      No candles in windows due to fire risk with wooden blinds.

3.      Use hot pads on all counter tops and serving tables.

4.      No red drink or dark juices may be served anywhere in the church.

5.      Wipe table tops and check chairs for cleanliness.

6.      Vacuum carpet and clean any spills with Resolve.

7.      Clean counter tops & sink.

8.      Clean stove tops utilizing provided cleaning agents found under the sink. (also see posted Cooktop cleaning instructions)

9.      Use a soft cloth and special stainless steel cleaning agents found in the basket under the sink, as well as gentle care when wiping any spills on the fronts of the stainless steel appliances as any dirt or grime could cause permanent scratches and lines. 

10.  Wash dishes & put away.

11.  Put soiled dish rags and towels in hamper under sink.

12.  Put all equipment back on/in the appropriate shelves and cupboards.

13.  Place the scoop for the ice machine back in the plastic container on top of the ice machine.

14.  Remove all of your food from the refrigerator and freezer or it will be disposed of and (if a renter) will be charged against your building deposit.

15.  Sweep & mop kitchen floor.  Brooms and mops in custodial closet in fellowship hall to the left of the fireplace.

16.  Put trash in outdoor receptacles. All trash cans emptied & trash bags replaced with ones from under the sink. Wipe outside of trash cans clean.

17.  Room returned to basic configuration.

18.  Return room thermostats down to 66 degrees during the heating seasons and up to 76 degrees during A/C seasons.

19.  Reset all blinds to lowered and louvered open.

20.  Shut off all lights, lock doors.

21.  Please inform your group that rooms not reserved and paid for are off limits.


Thanks for leaving kitchen and fellowship hall as good as, or better than, you found them.